Neurology Congress 2023 Magnivel International

International Conference on Neurology and Neurological Disorders (Neurological Disorders 2023)


Jun 26 - 27 2023


Barcelona, Spain
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About the Conference

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Magnivel International Group courteously invites you to collaborate with us (as an Exhibitor/Sponsor/Media partner/Delegate/Speaker) at the upcoming "1st Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Neurological Disorders" (#NeurologicalDisorders2023) on June 26-27, 2023 at Barcelona, Spain.
The Organizing Committee is continuously working with the leading experts from around the world to bring the hottest topics to the conference. The Conference represents a unique opportunity for neuroscientists from around the world to gather together and enjoy excellent science in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.
Neurological Disorders Conference is suitable for neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroscientists, general internists, cardiologists, gerontologists, ophthalmologists, psychiatrists and physiotherapists, anesthesiologists, clinicians and allied health professionals with a particular interest in patients with neurological disorders who wish to update their knowledge of the mechanisms and treatments of these disorders, and to improve their expertise in neurology and neuroscience.
Neurological Disorders 2023 will be held face to face. However, there is also the option of online participation. Participants who prefer the online presentation must choose the virtual option during registration. After peer-reviewing process, all the abstracts in English will be published in the conference proceedings of our supporting international journals.
Over the course of three days, attendees will have unprecedented access to a range of symposia, technical workshops, plenary and special lectures, special interest events and poster sessions.
Modes of presentation will include workshops on advanced therapies, oral presentations, debates and round table sessions on ground-breaking ideas.
Neurological Disorders Conference will be held in the elegant and picturesque venue of the Barcelona and promises to be an outstanding event, and we look forward to hosting you in the vibrant city of Barcelona. Touring Barcelona, you will notice a post Covid-19 atmosphere: restaurants are open, tourism sites welcome visitors and people meet in person again at events countrywide.‏
Now more than ever, we look forward to the pleasure of hosting you at what promises to be an exciting and fruitful meeting of the highest scientific standard, along with opportunity to meet each other IN PERSON after the long and challenging times of the COVID-19.
Benefits of Attending Neurological Disorders 2023
Access to the latest research and knowledge: The conference provides an opportunity to learn about the latest research and knowledge in the field of neurological disorders, including advancements in diagnosis, treatment, and care.
Networking opportunities: Attending the conference allows attendees to meet and network with other professionals in the field, which can lead to collaborations and new partnerships.
Professional development: The conference provides opportunities for attendees to develop new skills, gain new perspectives, and learn about emerging trends in the field.
Exposure to new technologies and treatments: The conference provides a platform for new technologies and treatments to be showcased, allowing attendees to learn about potential new options for their patients.
Advocacy: Attendees can learn about advocacy efforts related to neurological disorders and how they can get involved to support patients and their families.
Inspiration and motivation: Attending the conference can provide inspiration and motivation to professionals in the field, helping them to continue their work and make a difference in the lives of individuals with neurological disorders.
Participation Certificates by International Organizing Committee Members/CME/CPD/CE Credits

Committee Members

J Douglas Brown

Mind Performance Center LLC, USA

Ludivine Chamard-Witkowski

Sherbrooke Medical University, Canada

Zhenhuan LIU

Nanhai Maternity and Children Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China

Estrella Rodríguez

Health Consultant and Neuroimmunologist, Spain

Serena Nencini

Department of Life Sciences, University of Siena, Siena, Italy

Farshid Alazmani Noodeh

Aja University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Tiffany Turgeon

Université de Moncton, Canada

Diana Despinova-Bozhinova

Wörwag Pharma, Bulgaria

Penka Zlatanova-Baleva

Wörwag Pharma, Bulgaria

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