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International Journal of Astronomy and Modern Physics


International Journal of Astronomy and Modern Physics


International Journal of Astronomy and Modern Physics (IJOAMP) is an international scientific open access journal devoted to the promotion of the recent progresses in all fields of physics and astronomy. The aim of the editors is to publish timely, useful, and informative results that will be of value to a general audience. Every article published in our journal is promoted to researchers working in the respective fields. All research articles published in the journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

Physics and Astronomy is a natural science which deals with the study of universe and its actions around us. It is one of the major subjects of research involving the utilities like matter, energy, forces, and motion. It is related to mathematics and includes varied engineering topics as mechanics, optics, heat, magnetism, and electricity.

Aim and Scope

The International Journal of Astronomy and Modern Physics (IJOAMP) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the frontiers of astronomical and modern physics research. IJAMP welcomes high-quality submissions encompassing theoretical and observational aspects of astronomy, as well as cutting-edge developments in modern physics. Our mission is to provide a platform for researchers worldwide to disseminate impactful discoveries and contribute to the global scientific community.

The journal also publishes topically selected special issues in research fields of particular-scientific interest. These consist of both invited reviews and original research papers. All papers published in the journal are subject to thorough and strict peer-reviewing.

Journals Highlights

Quantum physics, relative and gravitation
Statistical physics and thermodynamics
Nuclear physics, atomic and molecular physics
Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Optics, acoustics, and fluid dynamics
Plasmas and electric discharges
Industrial Physics
Mechanical and thermal properties
Electrical, structural, electronic, magnetic, and optical properties
Astrophysics and astronomy
Experimental Research in physics
Multiverse Hypothesis

To Submit manuscript, authors can use our Online Manuscript Submission or send us an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at manuscript@ijoamp.com

Note to the Authors: Plagiarism, or copying text or results from other sources, is unethical behavior and is not tolerated. All submitted manuscripts will be checked for originality using the CrossCheck database. For more information on CrossCheck please visit http://www.crossref.org/crosscheck.html.

Peer Review Process

Journal of Astronomy and Modern Physics is an open access journal. The journal follows a peer review process where our expert reviewers provide comments on the quality and content of the submitted articles on the discoveries and current novel developments in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. while making them freely available through online without any restrictions or any other subscriptions to universal researchers.

Every submitted manuscript processed for preliminary quality control check by editorial office followed by external peer review process. Usually, preliminary quality control completes within 7 days and majorly with reference to journal formatting, English, and journal scope.

Rapid Review Process

International Journal of Astronomy and Modern Physics (IJOAMP) is participating in the Rapid Review Process with an additional prepayment of $49 apart from the regular article processing fee.

Rapid Review Process is a special service for the article that enables it to get a faster response in the pre-review stage from the handling editor as well as a review from the reviewer. An author can get a faster response of pre-review maximum in 3 days since submission, and a review process by the reviewer maximum in 5 days, followed by revision/publication in 2 days. If the article gets notified for revision by the handling editor, then it will take another 5 days for external review by the previous reviewer or alternative reviewer.

Acceptance of manuscripts is driven entirely by handling editorial team considerations and independent peer-review, ensuring the highest standards are maintained no matter the route to regular peer-reviewed publication or a rapid review process. The handling editor and the article contributor are responsible for adhering to scientific standards. The article rapid review process of $49 will not be refunded even if the article is rejected or withdrawn for publication.

The corresponding author or institution/organization is responsible for making the manuscript Rapid Review Process payment. The additional Rapid Review Process payment covers the fast review processing and quick editorial decisions, and regular article publication covers the preparation in various formats for online publication, securing full-text inclusion in several permanent archives like HTML, XML, and PDF, and feeding to different indexing agencies.


IJOAMP is an Open-Access journal, all the articles distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). The copyright is retained by the author(s). Magnivel International Publishers will insert the following note at the end of the published text:

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